About Us

Techno Tech Robotics Team 4648 first competed in the Minnesota North Star Regional 2013 season. Techno Tech is a group of students from Jordan, MN who come together to pursue not only STEM subjects, but also develop skills in business, public relations, and cooperation. Each year we come together to build, program, and complete a robot within a span of six weeks. But there’s a lot more to us than just a robot.

We have engineers, computer programmers, writers, photographers, artists, and more all coming together to create something. And considering that we create something in six weeks every year after starting with very little, I’d say we do pretty well, regardless of our rank or score at the competitions.

As a small team from a small school in a small town, we don’t have a lot of resources or materials, but we have all learned and continue to learn how to work together and respect each others’ opinions and make good use of our varying talents.

In past years our program has grown from only a handful of students to a diverse group of people with all different ambitions and personalities. We continue to grow each year and many of our past team members return as mentors. We’ve found new ways to get our voice heard in our community and have met bumps in the road with determination and optimism. We know that not everything will go our way and we face many obstacles as a small team without many resources, but we will continue to face challenges eagerly and look for new ways to grow and learn.