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Our Mission:

Techno Tech’s mission is to inspire students to pursue educations and careers in STEM and to prepare them for the real world. Over a short build season, we overcome obstacles to build a working robot, but we reach far beyond those six weeks in the shop. Students also learn life skills such as marketing, fundraising, community outreach, and working with other teams.

Why First?

FIRST robotics equips students with experience in STEM, leadership and communication skills, and the knowledge that they can create something out of very little. FIRST not only teaches students, but also creates a safe and stimulating environment for them to apply their knowledge and see their hard work come to fruition. With over $25 million in scholarships available for FIRST members, our students are well-equipped for their futures. Students who, with FIRST experience, can translate the skills they learned in robotics into any career choice. At Techno Tech not only do we have students learning how to weld and wire, but we have students doing graphic design, developing business plans, and learning how to communicate and cooperate with other teams and businesses. Graduated students often return as mentors to build a strong community around the robotics team, passing on their knowledge and experience and working closely with younger students. A place on our robotics team is whatever you will make of it — our team is constantly growing and embracing new ideas that students and mentors bring. Whether you are an aspiring photographer, engineer, journalist, or computer programmer, FIRST can take you far.


What’s FIRST Robotics Competition?

The answer to this question is… FUN!!! But if it’s the details you’re interested in, below is a video that goes more in-depth.